Local Governing Board

The Local Governing Board consists of the mayor and the councillors chosen for such purpose, who shall act as deputy mayors.

In the Town Hall of Teulada, the ordinary sessions of the Local Governing Board are held on Mondays each week. The mayor can convene extraordinary meetings too.

Their function is to assist the mayor in the exercise of his duties and to carry out those functions that are assigned to them by the mayor or the plenary session.

Composition of the Board

    Office of Mayor - Mª ROSA CATALINA VILA VALLÉS

1st. Deputy mayor - Vocal - HÉCTOR MORALES PUIGCERVER

                2nd. Deputy mayor - Vocal - ADRIÁN RUIZ CODES

  3rd. Deputy mayor - Vocal - VICENTA FERRANDO SISCAR

                4th. Deputy mayor - Vocal - MARÍA JOSEFA VIDAL VALLÉS

5th. Deputy mayor - Vocal - ALEJANDRO LLOBELL DALMAU